Trump and GOP Governors Should Open Their States


Dec 28, 2009
SanFranFreako, KommieFornia
Let the country know that pro business red states and their Republican governors are leading the way "Bringing America Back Again" from the shut-down and the anti-business blue states and their Democratic governors want to keep their citizens oppressed. While blue states wither on the vine, Republican states are ready to go forward.Remind busineses in blue states that they can move to red states and away from socialism.
Big rally! Big event!
Group Hugs!
No Pu##y masks and gloves.
Hold a Trump Rally!
Show everyone who is right!
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Jesus, xUT.
'You missed your calling', or I should say SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Missed out !!!
That cartoon pic' had me on the floor in a state of delirious Laughter !!

Tuck Frump.