Tulsa - Town Hall with Carty


Aug 20, 2002
I attended the Tulsa Town Hall Meeting last night at the Oral Roberts Mabee Center.

Carty presented a VERY vague power point show. Lot's of aircraft pictures and slogans but zero substance.

NO details of the plan. He said our Union Leaders have the plan and it includes buying aircraft during the concession period.

He gave very vague answers to questions and left the building with many still wanting to ask questions.

Basic points:

Concessions are to fund BIG airline.

Big is not bad or slow he says.

Bankruptcy would shrink airline and require spin off of assests and operations.

I couldn't help but want to ask:

Why is our only pre-Bankrupt choice to fund big airline? Why not pre-Bankrupt do some of what he knows would happen in the court system? Like reduce capacity and shrink this airline down to manageable size that can get a decent ticket price.

I was never allowed to ask my questions, he left without answering many employee questions.

I was very dissapointed and felt that my visit was a big waste of time!