TWU ATD Director Jim Little - Bankruptcy in May?


Aug 20, 2002
This e-mail was forwarded to my e-mail account.

I have no idea what it means. But it sure has some interesting statements from TWU- ATD Director James Little regarding our future.

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I have yet to be convinced the Company even has a plan to save the carrier so far it looks like Jell-O.
I already sent a letter to all of my locals saying if they want us to come to a meeting I will do all possible to attend. As you know I already have two of my carriers in bankruptcy.

In order to protect our members interest we need to be proactive in meeting with the company. My goal is to preserve our PAY, Benefits and pensions. Even when we go to bankruptcy in MAY.
From what I have seen, James Little does NOT have a goal of preserving Pay, Benefits, and Pensions. He has a goal of saving dues payers and jobs. IMHO

How many carriers does Jim own?
And, what the hell is the statement about Bankruptcy in May anyway?
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Is Bankruptcy planned regardless of vote outcomes?
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I have no idea if the e-mail is authentic or not. Just as most postings on an internet forum are unauthenticated.

But, anyone who wishes, can use the e-mail links involved and check and/or verifiy for yourself.
I can say that I was told by Jim Little that concerning filing bankruptcy it was not a question of "if" but "when". In fact the letter that he put out on March 26 said on bankruptcy "sooner rather than later".