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Bob Owens

Sep 9, 2002
New ATD International Staff Assignments

"As a reminder, the International Staff (Representatives) is appointed by the International President and serve at his sole discretion in accordance with the provisions of the TWUA Constitution."

My trial tribunal was made up of three International reps, appointed by Hall.

"ATD Director: Administers the Air Transport Division in accordance with the directives of the International President"

So who does Jim Little work for? NOT US! He works for Sonny Hall. So in effect representatives of Flight Attendants from SWA, Transit workers in SFO,PA,NYC, School Bus Drivers in Georgia& Long Island, NASA workers in Florida, wharehouse workers in Hawaii and dozens of other industries and locales all get to negotiate our contract because they are the ones who Sonny is "accountable to" not us, but we are the ones who have to live with the results.

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