TWU Phone update May 7th


Jan 19, 2012
New York
I'm not a TWU union member but I have access to these conference calls, is that okay? Just making sure.

If so, where can I comment on the TWU website?

Otherwise feel free to comment here, note that there doesn't seem to be a privacy policy in place on in terms of selling or disclosing your "identity revealing" information about you to interested parties.

TWU informer

Nov 4, 2003
I could care less what James C Little has to say, The man has lied to the membership more than once and by doing so he was appointed to International President of the TWU. He sucks, should not be trusted, and I no longer waste my time with his sorry ass.

I could also care less if he knows who I am and how I feel. The only thing I fear about James C Little is where and how he leads this Union.
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