U’s Healthcare Prescription Joke of a Plan


Aug 28, 2002
I am posting this topic here because I know for a fact I am not alone with these problems, the company executives do read these boards. Calling benefits, calling the union or calling anyone nets zero results so I figured why not try here, make some noise, shake the tree. Our contact plainly and clearly states exactly what one must pay for prescription drugs. We were given booklets with all the details and it is on the internet. So Mr. Company please explain to me why all of the information we are provided both in paper and on the internet are false? We are given a formulary chart of drugs covered and drugs not covered but the trouble is, it is not true, it’s a lie. I was informed by our insurance carrier that the formulary chart changes everyday! The co-payments I am charged are all as if none of the drugs are covered. I make sure all of the drugs I use are in the formulary but it does not matter. I am also charged more than what the stated co-payment caps are. This plan is one big joke for a guy in my position where I need to have many ongoing prescriptions. If the co-payments continue to go up each year, and they are already more than what we were told they would be, then I will be paying literally thousands of dollars yearly just for necessary prescriptions. With the pay cuts and contributions we now pay for healthcare and the added fact that fewer workers means more job requirements for each employee and all the security crap we must put up with, well you get the picture, working in this industry no longer has its merits or incentives. I can earn $10 less an hour and work for an outfit that has good healthcare and be better off, and I am far from alone. How can you expect an employee to take all the pay cuts and added contributions we did, and then give us false information as to actual real world costs when we go to use our benefits, how can you really expect us as employees to give two wits about the success of this company, come to work everyday, don’t take sick time, work hard, where are the incentives? The economy is obviously slow and I truly am thankful I am working, but down the road when things turn around I don’t plan on retiring from this company such as it stands now, again I know for fact I am speaking for many of my fellow co-workers. So Mr. Company, wake up if you really want to have a successful airline without disgruntled employees!
I agree the prescription coverage is much less than what we thought we were getting when we agreed to higher premiums and copays. We also were not told about the watered down coverage. Just another reason to question anything management tells us. They always seem to speak with forked tongue......
This is pretty normal across most U.S. companies. Our co-pays skyrocketed a year ago, and medicines I used to take regularly I stopped taking. This resulted in visits back to doctors to get new prescriptions for the drugs covered under the plan. It''s a pain in the neck, but welcome to healthcare in the U.S.