UAL Wants $300 Million Loan Terms Amended

This is exactly the problem with the investment/analyst industry. Conflicts of interest.

But, with such scrutiny of analyst behavior as it relates to companies that the sister investment divisions are in business with - I doubt this analyst was tipped off or vice versa.

Analysts can write all they want, but it will come down to the covenants. From what I've read, UA is working to draw contingency plans if a war with Iraq occurs and puts them in danger of violating the covenants.

I hope they all can come to a solution if it gets dire. If the war looks like a quick one, they'd be wise to bend a little in my mind. Again...who can afford major asset purchases?
True...there are many non-airline entities that could afford it. Including RSA with interests in U. God forbid they have to face this - it would be nice to keep things "in the family".