Uhh USAirways, save $$ and stop sending Benefits Enrollment paks out.......

Dec 21, 2002
..to the hundreds and hundreds of furloughed/severed employees over the past few months. I have received 2 useless packages of benefit enrollment revisions for MAY 1st, one introductory and the other with more specifics, pin numbers, etc.....whatta waste of YOUR hard earned money wouldn''t you say? It''s bad enough Benefits is outsourced to Outer Mongolia with people who are not all that knowledgeable about THE PRODUCT..at least in my dealings over the past months.
Mar 31st ?


Aug 20, 2002
On 3/11/2003 8:07:08 AM PineyBob wrote:

Don't be to upset, it may be mandated by law or union contract that those packets be sent to furloughed employees.

Hey Bob,
As far as I can tell from my AFA contract, it is not mandated that the company send the packets out, except, perhaps, to folks who are still within the 60 day post furlough window when they still receive health benefits.

Of course, my favorite mailing received over the alst 6 months was a check for 47 cents that came from the cashing out of my fractional US Airways stock share. It came with all sorts of documentation and such, and probably cost a bundle to send out. I will, of course not be cashing it. I will frame it.

BTW, how does one go about getting a cockroach? Are there any left?