Union Representation Question


Aug 20, 2002
Just a quick question:
What unions represented what groups at AA in 1993?
I''m actually asking because of something related to my new job. We are processing a collection of papers donated to our library and came across an item that puzzled us. The answer to the question I posed will clarify how we process this item.
Thanks a bunch in advance!
On 2/24/2003 9:32:00 PM FA Mikey wrote:

APFA was representing the flight attendants.

What do you mean by "WAS" representing the flight attendants??
With the exception of the FEIA, all of the unions who were on the property in 1981 are still here.

The FEIA (Flight Engineers Int'l Assoc) still existed up until a few years back, and only represented the few non-pilot flight engineers we had left.