Oct 29, 2002
after reading the NYT article-this is about all i can take.there may be several areas where using mech's may not be the most cost worthy option...but he wants brinksmanship and escalation?well this old boyz about to go nuclear.
Seems to me that Dave and his investors are in the business of Union busting ! He knows that if any Union group does not come on board with more givebacks he threatens liquidaton.
Then he requests the right to farm a majority of the IAM-M work to subcontractors knowing that the IAM-M was the only group who voted his first reduction down, and with the unannounced closing of Tampa hanger Dave knows the IAM is the group that will not agree on any more give backs---bingo the right to go to the judge and impose the work rules on all groups. Union Busting at its best
All this media hype is just a ploy to make it look as if he came to the Unions as a Labor friendly ( remember the labor friendly line, what did we think he was going to say as he pulled money and jobs away from us )
After he''s done with the Unions
We are done as a Union
All I can say...if it's time to go, make our departure a noticable one. Make US Airways last few months a miserable existance for our incompetent management.
It's not so much a question of who is right and who is wrong, as it is whether management has control anymore. Looking from the outside, it appears they may not. Rightly or wrongly, if that is the case, then the only thing they have left is to reduce labor costs, and that in turn produces the reaction we see here. Your new investor appears to have done well in the wake of management/labor mistrust.
I think this is why Chip said that we didn't want to go Ch 11. I realize the employees gave most everything that management asked and we still are in Ch 11. However, RSA is now running the company. Unions are and have been (for the 15 1/2 years that I have been at U) irrelevant. How many give backs and concessionary contracts have we collectively given over the past dozen plus years? Now it is very appearant how impotent the unions and the union brotherhood really are.
On 12/7/2002 8:08:43 AM N513AU wrote:

All I can say...if it's time to go, make our departure a noticable one. Make US Airways last few months a miserable existance for our incompetent management.

With stupid comments like this, it’s no wonder why they closed TPA without notice!!
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Cohiba...I agree with you...regarding the comment that is. Regardless of what I think of the company or the situation...I shall, until the last day of my employement...with US or elsewhere,do an honest days work. I have to live with myself...and to do less than my best, is against everything I believe in.
I agree!! I'm working my last night in my current job in CLT tonight.

Thanks to our union garbage. I'm being bumped to PIT. I will be starting a job that I have never done before. I will have to get spooled by someone up there...and thankfully they have already made contact with me in advance , offering any assistance I might need before or after my arrival.

In the same spirit, I'm being replaced in CLT by someone who's never performed my job before either. I have resolved to offer them the same degree of help until the last minute I'm there. Afterall...It's not this persons fault directly , that I'm being bumped out of station. Sure I had the option to throw in the towel...but I think it will be an adventure to go somewhere new...and learn something else prior to whatever the ultmate end result for U might be?

Keep in mind that those whom count on us as paying passengers deserve nothing short of our best efforts in all respects. Knowing the caliber of people we have..I'm sure this will always be the case , no matter how we are being treated while doing so.

When and if the end comes?...at least my self-respect and pride will remain in tact. I can take the final walk out the door , knowing I did my best...and it's not my fault that things failed , If and when it comes to that?
AMEN TO YOUR POST. Sorry you are having to xfer...wish you well in your new position. With the attitude you displayed in your post...hope I bump into ya one day and we can talk over a cup of coffee. I think there are going to be lots of changes for all of us if we survive. Luck to ya my friend.

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