United calls for nationwide ground stop


Apr 26, 2005
United's turn. I really believe we are becoming way too dependent on the technology side of the network systems.
Although a short time of approx 1 1/2 hours, I am sure it had a major impact to the entire system, but, it should only take half day or so to get beck to normal.

It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounded.

There were no systems down. This was a problem with Windows PCs that unfortunately affected workstations used at the airports and dispatchers.

Agents and clerks were able to use mobile devices, but dispatchers weren't.
Well, good for United. They did try to make sound worse than it turned out to be, click bait from the media whores I guess. Still thinking the reliability on tech and electronics will hurt more in the future.
Yeah, no.

What's changed in the last ten years is information being available on tablets and smartphones that are portable vs. forcing someone into a breakroom and a fixed position. What those things do? Not much different from what I've seen.

Boil it down a bit more... for all the time and money spent on tech, the underlying technology and methodology hasn't really changed all that much from 20 years ago. We've seen things move off mainframes running scheduled batch jobs and onto more modern server architectures where it's constantly revising, and now away from owned/operated data centers to cloud servers....

But the nuts and bolts behind a logbook, work card, scheduling, etc... that really hasn't shifted all that much.
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