United Mechanic and Related card drive


Oct 23, 2010
Just wondering how that card drive is going over here at United for ALTA?
Is Nov 11, 2020 the kick off date for the card drive??

As most of you may know already the Mechanic and Related at AA have sent in their cards to the NMB and appears they will get a vote with the numbers that AA sent in for the eligibility list and sigs samples, waiting to hear from NMB currently on approval to move forward.

On a second note of industry news and updates; Spirit Airlines is also coming up on their 1 year of card collections for their Mechanic and Related as well as Maint Controllers. I believe their deadline is Dec 11th, 2020. May take a little longer for Them to get an election as the AA'ers are already in motion to have one first.

Hope you guys are successful in getting a Class and Craft Union, ALTA, as your new representational union. Keep us posted on your progressions.