United Mechanics Contract

I've looked, apparently the Teamsters are even better at double secret probation than the Twu.

I can't find boo on any language , pay rates, not even an article that there was a TA and vote for ratification.

The last update on the Teamster site was 7/31, and there was zero in there about a vote.

Ten days later, it's magic.

Meanwhile, on jetnet yesterday, our union apparently already agreed to the new pay rates in the adjustment. Looks like a little over $2 per hr raise, yay.

They don't show the the rates used for each carrier in the averaging, because , you know, only they know how to do it, it's all way over our heads.
We just all need to keep nodding in agreement.

Very impressive.
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Birdman said:
I'm doubting the validity of this article. According to "Don's Update" on July 31st they were scheduled to meet the week of Aug 10th to continue negotiations, not vote on agreement. 
Not that it isn't possible, why would anyone write an article like this if it wasn't true?  If it turns out to be true, then the AMTs at AA are getting chumpted about a dollar an hour by accepting UALs AMTs pre contract wage rate into the formula.  Thanks again TWU, for screwing us again.  AMTs, take note, the BS continues.  First Sim Techs passed us up in pay for working on pretend airplanes in a climate controlled environment, now facilities maintenance base pay has surpassed AMTs by 70 cents per hour.  WTF,  I'm not liking the way this redistribution of wealth is going. 
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Vortilon said:
First Sim Techs passed us up in pay for working on pretend airplanes in a climate controlled environment, now facilities maintenance base pay has surpassed AMTs by 70 cents per hour.  WTF,  I'm not liking the way this redistribution of wealth is going. 
Yeah, but there ain't no glory in that. Nothing like fixing a real plane, putting 250+ people on it and watching it go bore holes thru the sky at FL410. Isn't that why we do it, the glory? :huh:
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Of course the UAL Guys voted yes they wanted it done before the twu lowered the bar again for AMTs.

Let's see how they get around the average in for the UAL pay rates. How much longer do I have to po it up with this company union someone put me out of my misery....
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United Airlines and the Teamsters union said Thursday that the carrier's mechanics have ratified a new labor contract.
With the agreement, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and United Continental Holdings Inc. will begin negotiations on a single contract to cover mechanics who came from both United and Continental. The two airlines combined in October 2010.
The union said the deal with United includes wage increases, continued health care benefits and improved job-security protection. Workers also got an $11,500 signing bonus and regained items that were lost when United went through a bankruptcy reorganization in the last decade, said Roger Apana, a mechanic in Honolulu and a member of the union's negotiating committee.
The union said the agreement covering about 5,500 workers was "overwhelmingly ratified."
About 3,600 Teamsters-represented mechanics at Continental approved a separate agreement in November 2010.
United Continental CEO Jeff Smisek, who led Continental before the airlines combined, said last month that it has taken longer than expected to get labor agreements from all the different work groups at the two airlines.
paul1 said:
Can only find this one article
That is old. No contract yet but the union and company say we are very close to a TA. We should know in the next few days.
Good question 1AA.  It is being discussed at SWA about the 14.5% raise at Delta. It is being discussed at SWA about the AA promised Delta+ 7%. And it is being discussed about, what will UAL do for their mechanics. We all also know that UPS is in mediation along with SWA mechanics in mediation.  
GTD and all UAL mechanics, hoping you guys will come  out on top and gain what the membership really wants.  Good luck to you guys. Look forward to hearing some positive news from you guys soon...
IBT Negotiations Update
October 1, 2015
The company met with the IBT for the last two weeks and resolved a number of significant items in healthcare, Hours of Service, and Sick and concluded a number of letters of agreement. The company made a comprehensive proposal on Saturday, providing industry-leading pay and benefits and offering meaningful improvements in the retirement area, a substantial early-out, and a base pay increase in excess of Delta’s recent 14.5%. Unfortunately, yesterday’s announcement of a Tentative Agreement at American Airlines has reset market. As a result, both sides have agreed to reconvene in Fort Lauderdale in two weeks’ time after the company has had an opportunity to evaluate the impact on industry market rates of yesterday’s American tentative agreement.
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According to the press UAL negotiations broke off because AA reached a TA yesterday. I have not seen that or heard that from anywhere. They continue to say due to the recent agreements at Delta and AA they will take time to reevaluate the situation and return to the table in a couple of weeks. GT

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