United Mechanics Reject Concessions by 57%


Aug 20, 2002
Fort Mill, South Carolina
Cut and pasted from the United section of the IAM 141M web site.
Ramp & Stores, Food Service and Security Guards ratified their agreements with 63.4 percent of voters approving the accords. The Public Contact Employee (PCE) group also accepted their agreement, with 79.2 percent endorsing the contract.
United’s Mechanic & Related employees, however, rejected their agreement by a 57 percent margin.
Wow, 57%. What a lucky number. Everytime the IAM 141M has a mechanic vote it always comes up 57%, whether it''s yes or no.
Gee, you don''t think it was becaused they were confused do you?
I am predicting it will pass by 57% on the second vote. They must have been confused.
[EM]hows the knee?
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 11/28/2002 4:53:21 AM pitguy wrote:
[P]I am predicting it will pass by 57% on the second vote. They must have been confused.[/P]----------------[/BLOCKQUOTE]
Here's United's take on thier circumstance...can you see the instant replay?


United faces an imminent bankruptcy filing unless it can persuade the government to grant the loan guarantees very soon as part of the landmark aviation bailout package passed last year. The government wants broad labor cost reductions and a viable business plan.

Mechanics, distrustful of management they say has misguided the company in the past, apparently disagreed with the need to cut costs.

"Each employee measured the costs and benefits of participating in United's recovery plan," said Scotty Ford, District 141-M president, in a statement. "In the end, some thought the risk was worth taking, and others felt they had sacrificed enough. We respect both decisions and this organization will aggressively represent their common interests as this extraordinary situation unfolds."
I am predicting it will pass by 57% on the second vote. They must have been confused.----------------

DellDude,the knee is fine.hope you and yours had a great turkey day!!.Do you really think "U"and the dip/dunk iam can pull a fast one on the ual AMT's?I hope they learned from us's cluster @!#*. EARNIE sorry about the earl thing seeeeee yaaaaa.