United Tries to Determine Its Fleet Size


Think the 'subject' says it all.
Still trying................
I would be very suprised if they don't know exactly how many planes they want.

All of this is rhetoric in the game of negotiations.
It kind of sounds like UA is playing a game of aircraft chicken. Who is going to cave first, the leasing companies or UA?
Does anyone know what types are staying? Are the 747-400's going or staying? I can see 737, 757, 763, 777, A320 & A319. If the 744's go then what do you use for LAX/SFO to SYD? SFO to HKG & TPE? Anything other then ultra long haul can be flown by 777. ITS the 14-15 hour flights and high demand that 744's are really for but given the need to cut types from the fleet I could see 744's going. 777LR would be great for UA.