US Airways Announces Broader Distribution of 'Web Fares'

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[P][SPAN class=headline][SPAN class=BodyFont]This is a good move that will result in higher booking percentage and more efficiency of the call centers...The web is a great tool to provide schedule and price information...but thousands of web buyers have still been calling res ortheir own agencies to purchase these tickets to only be turned away and forced back to the web...if they were encountering diffculties with .com they would simply go buy somewhere else on another airline...Although this may simply be a competitive response to OA,it is a good move and with other upcoming imporvements to our system is one of the things required for us to increase revenues desparetly needed...The cost side of things is a long term project that can't be directly tied to the revenue stream...Way to go Ben... [/SPAN][/SPAN][/P]----------------[/BLOCKQUOTE]
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US Air Unlocks Web Fares to All Sabre Channels for Discount

Washington (Aviation Daily) – US Airways yesterday took an aggressive step to stem its distribution costs as part of a larger deal to make its once-exclusive web fares available for sale through all Sabre online and offline channels. In return for access to all US Airways web fares, Sabre will immediately cut is GDS fees it charges the airline by 10%, an average of $.40 per segment. Moreover, Sabre will freeze the rate for three years, along with the fee charged for cancellations. (US Airways senior VP-marketing and planning Ben Baldanza told the DAILY GDS fees are “one of those const control items that has generally been out of control.â€￾ Under the new deal, “ we can achieve good control over those costs.â€￾ He added it is another step toward overall fare simplification. “This sets a trend for the industry,â€￾ he said.