US Airways announces new sale


Aug 20, 2002
US Airways is pleased to announce their Chance for Christmas sale starting next week. For those passengers who enjoy a little risk with their travel plans, for the price of a regular plane ticket, US Airways is including the free chance to get stranded at an undisclosed destination.
Think of how your family will bond while you spend days stranded in the lovely Pittsburgh International Airport, looking at empty ticket counters and getting no answer from reservations!
Perhaps you always wanted to stick around your relatives home for a few extra days but didn''t want to seem pushy? Well, now you could be stuck there, complements of US Airways.
US Airways Vacations is also pleased to offer a limited time Planes, Trains and Automobiles holiday package. We get you there, but you have to find your own way home from a suprise diversion destination!
Also, in partnership with the hit television show Survivor we will pick one plane load of customers to be featured on Survivor: Philadelphia International Airport. These lucky contestants will be dropped off at Philadephia International Airport with no money, no luggage and no trip home. See who can survive by eating the mice in the breakrooms and stealing food from airport vendors. But remember, to play you must fly US Airways!
(Of course, this was a joke, but I think you get the point.)


Nov 2, 2002
Where do I sign up?!!!