US AIRWAYS Announces ''PEACE OF MIND'' FLEXIBLE TRAVEL POLICY during current period of uncertainty!

Dec 21, 2002
So this is the reason Benji now gives for people not booking USAIR?
ARLINGTON, Va., March 4, 2003 -- US Airways announced today that it has introduced a Peace of Mind flexible travel policy to ease customer concerns about making advance reservations during this period of potential conflict in the Middle East.
In the event of military action and/or a Homeland Security Department issuance of a code red alert, the Peace of Mind flexible travel policy will allow customers to make changes to previously booked travel itineraries without incurring standard change fees. Among the changes that will be allowed are:
Full value of unused tickets can be applied to future travel within a 90-day period from the start of the action or code red alert
Dates of travel can be changed within a 90-day window from the start of a military action or code red alert
Destination city can be changed within the same 90-day window
En route changes could be made for those customers whose itineraries have not been completed at the time that the policy is implemented
Our customers have told us they are concerned about booking future travel during this period of uncertainty, said Ben Baldanza, US Airways senior vice president of marketing and planning. In response, we have announced the ‘Peace of Mind’ policy so that travelers can book now with full confidence that they can adjust their plans later if circumstances warrant.
In the event of a military action or issuance of a code red alert, US Airways will communicate publicly the effective dates of the Peace of Mind policy.
The Peace of Mind flexible travel policy would apply to itineraries booked prior to the start of the action. Under this policy, a one-time change to an itinerary would be allowed, and future travel reservations are subject to availability and applicable fare rules.