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Mar 3, 2004
Looks like SRQ will lose mainline service beginning may 2. noticed this posting on today and mainline service ends to SRQ on May 1 and Express beginning on May 2 on the new CR7's. Anyone with more info?

Title: Mainline Express Supervisor (3)
Reference Number: 204091
Closing Date: 03/12/04
Department: Customer Service
Location: Sarasota, FL

Minimum Qualifications
High school diploma or GED. Two years of experience in an airport and/or customer service environment. May not be on a disciplinary level. May not be on an attendance level. Must have at least an average rating on the most recent performance evaluation. Must remain in the position for a minimum of one year.

Preferred Qualifications
Must be a full-time employee (including full-time employees displaced to part-time and full-time employees on furlough). Associates degree or higher. Three years of experience as a US Airways Customer Service Agent. One year of management or supervisory experience. A working knowledge of ticket counter/gate procedures (including training personnel). Currently performing a CSS or Mainline Express Supervisor function

Responsible for the supervision, direction and monitoring of personnel to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible service. Responsible to ensure personnel comply with established rules and regulations. Plan and coordinate operational activities and communicate with other station personnel, other departments and vendors as required. Responsible to ensure the protection and security of customers' and company property at all times. Ensure quality service is provided in all areas of responsibility including facilities, customer handling, equipment and appearance of personnel. Responsible for maintaining station records, completing reports and any other administrative support required by Station Management.

To Apply
Resumes must present all information relevant to the requested qualifications and must be received by the closing date indicated to be considered. US Airways is an equal opportunity employer.

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So did PSA pilots and the Jets for Jobs pilots agree on the flying of the
CRJ-700? Looks as though PSA is flying in and out of SRQ from CLT starting in May. Any word on other new PSA cities?
There are so many fellow business travelers that would die for an early morning SRQ flight. Only Delta offers this to many locations. If there's problem with that flight they're stuck. They want to fly US.
Typical of this outfit to put RJs in the SRQ run, they were fillin a 737-300!!! The market is there and SRQ fares arent cheap at all!!! As a mainline employee when I hear news of RJs or Express expansion my feelings are the asme as if is another carrier...might as well be Delta or Southwest....who cares it aint US!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont worry, as soon as they can there will be mainline jets back into SRQ, just handled by Express agents. I wouldnt be surprised to see a couple big jets back in there by Nov for the season.
SRQ in my opnion ws so undeserved with the 3x CLT flights. Hopefully when it goes mainline express, and in addition to the CRJs going to CLT, SRQ can get 2x 737 flights up to PHL.
dont count on this group of mgmt adding any more than one jet a day out of srq. i wish you all the best. by the way this city was on our list when the crooks of ccy came last august and told us we are going mainline express. it sucks but i hope you all can get to a hub or get welfare checks and food stamps. join the sad party.
all the money making cities will be history with the way these ccy people w/out brains are done destroying usair
From what I've heard from our training dept is that out of the 9 agents/supvrs there, he thought 3 or 4 would retire, 2 or 3 would stay with Express (and come to Star training, hence his knowledge of who is staying) and the rest are trying to get into another city or will take the leave until something opens up. This is just what the company wants when they go to Express in these cities.
Question though, are all of these "savings" from current Expressed cities being counted toward ANY new savings the company is requesting from CWA? Also the non replacement of agents and additions of Cars and Kiosks?
We are currently down at least 2 FT and 2 PT agents with stories of more cuts coming when we lose 2 flights in May. Needless to say we didnt get ANY extra bodies when we added these flights last time and are actually 4 agents less than before we got them! I wish I had studied more in trig because maybe I could figure out the equation they're using to get the staffing numbers. :blink:
:up: Express I love it you got what you voted for .This just goes to show you all
those agents who never voted in the last contract are going to get what they
asked for nothing, nothing , nothing.,
28yearsnojob said:
:up: Express I love it you got what you voted for .This just goes to show you all
those agents who never voted in the last contract are going to get what they
asked for nothing, nothing , nothing.,
Ya know, you never did answer me on another post, so I'll try here again. Did you bother to help with the last vote to let everyone know what they were voting for? Did you talk to anyone and tell them (and convince them) to vote no? Did you do anything to help get the word out just what was in the contract? You'd be surprised how many agents I talk to STILL dont know what they voted on. Too bad you couldnt have convinced 6 more of your fellow agents to have voted no. :(

Did you do your part, or did you get what you deserved? (Per your line of thinking)
:angry: From what I hear as fast as the rjs arrive thats how fast the cities will fall.
Management has alpa in the pocket know and soon the AFA ,all they have to do now is fill in the blanks.