US Airways' Report Card

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
And to think many of the people who made all that possible are now on furlough, never to return. Well hopefully they will find employment elsewhere, where they will be appreciated!
US Airways'' Report Card
ARLINGTON ( - The Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report for August has just been released, and US Airways emerged number one in key operational areas. For August, US Airways ranked first in on-time arrivals at 85.9 percent and first in fewest mishandled bags with 2.81 reports per 1,000 passengers.
The company also improved its position in the area of customer complaints, moving from its sixth-place ranking in July to third place in August with 0.73 complaints per 100,000 passengers, one of the best ratings ever achieved by the company.
“Your performance is nothing short of incredible and the August numbers are the culmination of month after month of outstanding work on your part,â€￾ said President and CEO Dave Siegel. “It also came during one of the most challenging periods in our company’s history. This is the same month we initiated reorganization in Chapter 11, and it was a period of intense negotiations with a number of our work groups. At a time when you could have been distracted, you acted in the highest professional manner possible. You maintained a clear focus on job performance, and you demonstrated your commitment to your role and your company as never before. You are to be congratulated on this truly outstanding achievement.â€￾
For August, Delta ranked second behind US Airways in on-time arrivals at 84.6 percent, while the industry average was 82.9 percent. In the area of mishandled baggage, Alaska Air was second with 3.04 reports of mishandled bags per 1,000 customers, and the industry average was 3.72.
Siegel noted that as outstanding as the company’s August performance was, it was not an isolated event. “In July, US Airways tied for first place in on-time arrivals and we were number one in mishandled baggage. You repeated and improved on this performance in August, and you carried this momentum into September. We set station records for on-time departures, we added to our 100 percent completion days, we set company records for on-time arrivals, and we outperformed other major carriers in the process.â€￾
To acknowledge this exceptional performance, US Airways is providing all employees with two First Class upgrades, to be mailed soon to employees’ homes. The upgrades can be used on any domestic or Caribbean routes and are valid through Dec. 31, 2003.
“We like to call it ‘First for First,’â€￾ said Siegel. “Even if we are in a cost-cutting mode, we certainly can and must take the time to recognize and appreciate outstanding achievement. In the future and as we emerge successfully from our reorganization efforts, we will continue to look for new ways to recognize and reward this kind of superior employee performance. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the opportunity to fly in First Class in recognition of this first-class company performance.â€￾
Congradulations to USAirways for their excellant performance. Right now, UAL is also operationally running with exceptional performance. With the codeshare now approved, hopefully we can apply not only marketing synergies, but operational synergies toward running an excellant seamless operational passenger experience. Best wishes to all at U.