US Cities, #1?


Aug 20, 2002
I was wondering which cities other than CLT, DCA, PHL, and PIT where US is still the #1 airline is terms of passengers. I know for a long time they were #1 in PVD and MHT, but no longer. How about ALB and BUF, are they still #1 there? I would imagine most northeast cities, although DL and WN have been preying on US turf.
We had been #1 in BDL for years and years.Now we are #3 behind DL and WN.I belive were no longer #1 in BOS either.We used to have 8 rons in BDL and put on average a thousand pax a morning on them.Now we have 5(same as WN)and on a good morning we board about 350-400 pax.
On 6/22/2003 8:31:43 PM 757fixer wrote:

I belive were no longer #1 in BOS either.
I seem to recall reading that US is #3 in BOS now. They don''t seem to be trying to hold on to that either, from my perspective.
Before long CLT & PHL will be the only ones.....very sad to say the least. I am sure this all fits into the grand scheme of know the cost cutting stuff that is going to save us while we lose passengers by the thousands to the other guys.
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I am surprised that PVD has more RON than BDL. We currently have 6 RON from US -- 2 CLT, 1 DCA, 2 PHL, 1 PIT. WN has 7 RON in PVD -- 1 BNA, 2 BWI, 1 MCI, 1 MCO, 1 MDW, 1 PHX