US & UA To Implement Frequent Flyer Programs Nov.1


Aug 20, 2002
Well, this is a start,...... but I hope they don't throw the redemption process on us with just 3 weeks notice as well..ya gotta train a little bit for accuracy, ya know?? The learning curve for AA was a nightmare several years ago. And so were the procedures for booking,redeeming, ticketing, making changes(some had fees, some not, different on AA vs US) at non US ato locations(couldn't do),paper vs ET qualify,etc....I've also always been curious how you are able to keep from earning miles(double dipping) in both programs for the same trip.. E.G....What's to stop me from putting my UNITED trip into my US acct and then calling UNITED 2 weeks later saying I forgot to credit that trip in my UA acct? There must be some sort of a chex and balances program with this.