US1s Beware of TSA Agents, Especially in SEA


Aug 19, 2002
Ever since the TSA moved the extra screening from the gate to the security lines, I almost always get flagged for extra screening in cities where US is small. Apparently, the TSA agents were told the *S in our CHAIRMAN*S PREF label means we need extra security. I have many boarding passes where the TSA agent circled this and forced me into a special line. This happens 100 PERCENT of the time in SEA. I e-mailed US today to ask them to change the label to read just CHAIRMANS PREF.


Aug 20, 2002
Speaking of the brain dead TSA. Today while visiting O'Hare for the day - non-reved out with a friend - go to experience the great TSA in action. Twice the TSA agents challenged by friend's SIDA badge. The 2nd time resulted in a TSA supervisor coming up and sternly correcting his agent "This is a federally issues ID, you will let him through."

If they don't even know what an official ID looks like, imagine what else they miss. I won't comment on the contracted person responsible for checking my ID & boarding card (contractor was Globe)...they left me fuming after denying me entrance, so I just went to another check point.


Aug 26, 2002
TSA in Seattle is simply an extension of the local mentality, where anything East of Boise is suspect, cars stop for pedestrians, nobody on a downtown corner will cross against a light (even if there are no cars in sight), and the freeways feature official signs urging drivers to report other drivers using a toll free number whose last 4 digits spells HERO. As a part time resident for nearly 10 years, I've learned it's all part of the experience. They are unbelievably great folks, but they do take certain things very seriously, and that obviously extends to airport security. It's somehwhat over the top but (a) they mean well, and (B) it was a Pacific NW INS guy who fingered one of the first terrorist bombers trying to cross the border near Seattle on his way to LAX. Consider your airport departure part of the experience, and try taking your shoes off before they ask. They seem to respond well to that.