USAir FF Miles


Dec 26, 2002
There is a promotion going on, many of us recieved the magazine offer, nothing to worry about.
Do any of you know what is going on with the USAir Frequent Flyer program. My wife just got an offer in the mail to cash in her miles on USAir for some magazine subscriptions. She has not used USAir in about 10 years (didn''t even know she had any miles with you all), and we don''t even know how they found her (but than is another story). Is this legit?
so why haven't you or she flown usairways??? Anyway, it's a way to use miles when they don't add up to a flight and you aren't planning on flying. It's legit but such a waste of miles. Come fly US again--maybe this is a good reminder we're here
Thanks for the offer to fly on USAir again. I few on you several years ago and had a nice flight. But, I fly for free on Delta now, so we probably won't be back. Thanks for the info everyone, free magazines for everybody.

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