to become a new classification.


Aug 19, 2002
[BR]Within two years following the effective date of this LOA the Company shall establish an Internet Passenger Support classification group and such employees shall perform Internet Passenger Support work, including handling calls from passengers related to web site technical assistance and passenger assistance. Internet Passenger Support work will not include web site design, construction, modification, maintenance, text/content updates, or any other web site work not specifically related to passenger assistance calls.[BR]
[P align=justify]Work rules and benefits for Express classification and Internet Passenger Support classification employees will be as provided for in the Mainline CBA including the restructuring modifications except as otherwise provided herein.[BR][BR]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BR][BR]I would like to know what this new support desk will do? Where are you going to get the agents to work it? This whole LOA is so vauge. I would like some clairity on this.[/P]


Aug 19, 2002
This part of the New contract worries me . They really need to clear this section up. Could this be the future for reservations??? Topping out at 13.01 an hour???? Any Thoughts????