and auto upgrades??


Oct 6, 2002
Can any FF answer a question or two?
I''m taking a little jaunt (DCA AMS) on a whim to visit a friend and to get some preferred miles. I was looking at ticket options online, when I noticed that the res tool had put me in first and envoy outbound, but coach on return. On the receipt it is marked F, C, V, & V for the segments.
How does this happen? Will it stay, or will someone fix it? How can I get upgraded on my return ; ).
Although, honestly, Ive been very lucky with FF benies from US, so I''m not looking to hard.
Also, I notice a couple of times on I buy a ticket, but when it gets charged to my card, it''s LESS than I was expecting.
By the way... good luck to all you guys.