Using Avatars...HELP!


Aug 24, 2002
OKay, I have asked this question before and I will ask again.
When I post I want to have a logo/picture displayed. How do i do this??
Thanks for the help.
[P]I'll second that...A few early posters managed to get avatars, so it did work at one time..and then??[/P]
[P] [/P]
Ok, an Avatar is commonly known as the image that would be above your name to the left. We have never allowed these so I am assuming you are speaking of images in your signature. If this is the case, you must edit your Profile by select the link at the top of the page titled: My Profile
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Kyle, thanks for the info :)

I did indeed mean to say the image by my signature, only thing is when I go to my profile, all it seems to allow you to put in there is text.

Any other instructions of how to do this?

[P]Ok, the image that you want to use must be on the web somewhere. Then you would need to insert html coding as required (take out the spaces after the < and before the > - doing this or an image will show):[/P]
[P]< img src=[A href=][/A] >[/P]
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kyle, you are a genious!!! lol :)

Thanks for the help. much appreciated!