Vacation accruals for Fleet service

Tim Nelson

Jan 5, 2003
Several members are furious and are reporting that management is taking vacation accruals from the end of last year and even this year.
Please read your lovely contract [it''s in the language]. Your vacation accrual is based in Article 15. Your eligibility is based on you being ''active''.
However, the term ''active'' was redefined this past year by our appointed negotiators and the company to read;
...employees will not be considered ''active'' for the purposes of accruing sick leave or vacation when the employee is on a paid or unpaid leave of absence for the majority of days in the calendar month.
Notice, this also includes occupational injury.
The result is that if you are out for the majority of days in the month,[sick, oji, etc] then you can''t expect to accrue vacation days for that particular month. What you can expect is that you will then owe the company for the vacation days you used that unfortunately never accrued.
Welcome to the modified world!
Tim Nelson
IAM Local Chairman 1487