Vanguard Restarts in 3-4 weeks...with service to...


Aug 24, 2002
Vanguard will be starting back-up in 3-4 weeks. The first 3 destinations are said to be ATL (Hooters HQ), DEN, and ORD (Yes ORD, MDW is gone). A new aircraft type will be chosen, and there will be a new livery, and a name change. Second phase of cities will be MCO, FLL, LAX.
Ill take the girl on the end right side and sit in the middle seat!No food or bev needed.All the inflight entertainment is in front of you.
Reports in the media were that Vanguard was going to restart in the next couple weeks - but with a different fleet type. Anybody want to guess what is next?

737-300s? 717s? F-100s?