Varig 777 repo-ed in Paris

I know VARIG proclaimed it was the first to fly the 777 in South America. But How many did they Have? MD-11 will be at VG for a long time.
I believe they had ordered at least six 777's, with the idea of replacing the MD-11's, but they only took delivery of two (on lease) and cancelled the rest of the orders. So now they're down to one.

Not sure how much good it'll do them, though...I wouldn't expect to see it flying to France or anywhere else ILFC can get at it. They do use MD-11's on big domestic routes like GRU-MAO, so maybe that would be a "safe" place for the 777 (assuming the Brazilian courts won't allow it to be seized at home).

I wonder if either the Brazilian government or Varig's Star Alliance buddies (obviously not UAL, but maybe LH?) will step in and help them out.
I saw a report that says Varig had another plane repo-ed this time in Miami. Nothing in the paper. Has anyone else heard?

It is not an all uncommon sight, for the sheriff to chain the nose gear of a plane here.
From what I read, it has since been released to Varig, although the airline is planning to return all of its 767-200's to GECAS in the near future.