Very low reservations serivce levels....


Aug 19, 2002
The past week or so shows truly how bad things are. Reservations is looking at like mid 40''s for service levels when they should being the 70''s. Maybee the took out that ax a little too fast and got rid of a bit too many people too fast. Wonder what things will be like when the Dec 6th gang is gone?
Anyone wanna bet in tons of OT???? Sorry I will not work it. Why should I work OT when the company is laying off RES agts???? Could of been handled much more better with advanced VTO IMO.....
Shhhhhhhhhhhh !!! 500 + res agents are going to enjoy the holidays at home with friends and family compliments of Dave...This is more important than what Daves offering at work...Let the sleeping dog lie...See ya'll next year maybe...

Things don't sound like they are going very well back there. Sounds dismal in fact. Things are going great for me with my new career. I thought I would have taken a slight pay cut in the switch but it turns out I have a slightly higher income now. Soon, I will be getting at least two different raises with potential for a third and a possible promotion. I've been on the job just under two months now! Cool!

Now these are the kinds of things you want to hear with a career. Not the cutbacks, furloughs, etc that US Airways is coming out with over and over again. Where is the incentive for employees to stay? If they are not worried about service levels or good customer service going forward, why don't they just admit the fact that they are trying to turn U into WN? I'll tell you why, because management hasn't the slightest clue how to reduce costs. They take from ten employees to give it all to another, ultimately saving nothing but costing themselves manpower, customer satisfaction, and future income. Too bad noone has been able to make them see the light.

I hope that UAL buys U just for the sake of employees careers. U doesn't want career employees, they want transitional ones. UAL doesn't seem to drive out career minded people out of their ranks like U does. If that does not happen, I urge all employees to seek a new career while you can. To those about to retire with huge losses in retirement pay, you have my sympathies.

BTW, it's great to be back home!
U will never become a WN, not corporately, not structurally, not managerially, and certainly not employee satisfaction wise. Never. Bet the farm on it.
Hey Lilninj..good to hear from you and glad that all is fine with your new career and your return home. Dismal does not even describe the mood. Lots of micromanagement going on which is a shame...adding more stress to already a stressful situation. But with to many years invested I will still hang around and ride out the storm. Amazing is it not....still waiting to see the employee friendly management. Guess I will be waiting quite some time for that.