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Light Years

Aug 27, 2002
With all the not-so-funny things going on in the world and our industry, take some time out to see this movie!!!
Yes, it got bad reviews, you can definatly tell ALOT has been edited out (it was actually filmed pre-9/11). I enjoyed it, it was lighthearted and fun, over-the-top but actually pretty respectful of the flight attendant profession. A few things to look out for:

*In a scene in a boarding lounge in Paris, there are three US Airways Paris posters on the wall, with the titles removed.

*Gwenyth is first assigned to the Express division of her airline. We see her and another FA (!) in a rather large galley, serving meals in a fairly large narrowbody cabin. We then see the exterior to be a SAAB 340!

*Although its set in present times, the uniforms are of a bygone era, ranging from the classic era with a hat (anyone in CCY watching? Lets bring class back to the uniforms!) to a dress that looks mighty similar to one once worn at a certain West Coast airline familiar to us all...

Again, it aint an Oscar contender but it's definatly alot of fun!

Light Years
I saw it too!

I would agree that though it is not the best movie (quality wise), I have not laughed that hard in so long. overall I would recommend it to any airline personelle, especially crews (great for an overnight) . YOU WILL ENJOY IT.

P.S. As stated by John Whitney (mike myers), royalty airlines wanted to bring the class back to flying (by treating their passengers like ROYALTY. I thing they might be on to something