Walked Out


Nov 26, 2002
I was in the vacinity of one of our IAM union reps when he recieved a call from a union negotiator in Washington.
The union would only agree to the 5% wage reduction in case of war with Iraq and also they agreed to an enhanced profit sharing program.
The company negotiators told the union they were crazy along with some other harsh words and got up and walked out.
Time being so important I have a feeling this may be the end of USAirways.

Mike W

Dec 9, 2002
At the meeting I attended in Pit for Fleet Service committee chairman,it was never said that Chapter 11 was a negotiating tactic.The leadership was very clear that they felt the company was serious.What is going on now is not a stalling tactic.It's a matter of trying to protect as many jobs as possible.In the end we'll decide if the terms are agreeable or not.


Aug 20, 2002
Totobird, I just negotiated a lease assumption on a building in my home town. I was not getting the results I needed from the people I am paying to do the deal for me. So I set up an artificial time--yesterday at 3:00PM--or I was going to walk away from the deal. The broker gets no commission, etc. Guess what? I got my lease done today. Could this be what the company is doing? Just food for thought.
Uh, isn't that what the IAM said about the company threatening Ch.11? It was just a negotiating tactic?...

In a S.1113 proceeding, all the company has to do is prove it tried to negotiate. As long as the IAM keeps stalling with counter offers like that, you can probably kiss your contract buh bye...


Sep 9, 2002
The company negotiators told the union they were crazy along with some other harsh words and got up and walked out.


This is something very few people know about.
During the first round of negotiations the Company did this on a regular basis and if they werent walking out on our Union Reps they were intentionally late. All the negotiators for the Union could do is sit there and take what the Company's negotiators dished out.

All those IAM members that rag on the IAM never get a chance to see how ruthless the Company is and how hard the Unions negotiators have to work for what little we still have.
Aug 23, 2002
The management knows the airline is about to fold....They are having fun in the remaining days...I believe the folks in charge of the airline now, due not want to come out of bankruptcy...And are doing everything they can to sink this ship...They are sticking it to the employees and they are not really doing much to please the passengers....I now believe...that the end is near...and that...liquidation has been the plan....It has just been a chess game for them...getting their pieces into place...and using threats and intimidation..to get their way...and the unions and the employees have given them what they wanted...and they keep wanting..more...more...more...

Yes Virgina, there is a Scrooge...