Want a Job, read this.......


Aug 28, 2002
Yesterday Lockheed Martin called me saying they read my resume on Monster.com and are screaming to find airframe mechanics to work on the new F-22. I never applied with them, they are that bent on finding help. They will fly you to GA for an interview starting next week and are hiring hundreds of mechanics. They will even pay for your family’s move, pay for the cost to move two cars, put you up for a while until you find a place to live. Good opportunity for someone willing to relocate. If my situation were not as it is, I would be jumping on this opportunity! I thought some of you younger and very good mechanics at U might be interested in this opportunity, an opportunity to walk away from U and the grief it brings working there. As far as I am concerned U is now in my past, I am looking forward to employment outside the airline industry. Good Luck to all my fellow mechanics, it was fun while it lasted.