War paycut


Aug 20, 2002
What triggers the 5% war pay reduction? Does it start on the day we declare war or the start of the next pay period?
After watching Powell on TV, I am expecting it sooner not later.
Dec 21, 2002
I would bet he tries to make it retroactive to Passover 2002, if he has his way.
Don't affect me none tho'. Full sev. to the last day. Bombs away.


Nov 25, 2002
From our agreement and I believe it is the same in all of them.

In the event that (a) The U.S. invades Iraq (meaning the U.S. intitiates a sustained aerial bombardment of those parts if Iraq that are not within the current no fly zones or introduces a substantial number of ground troops into the territory of Iraq.) or (B) there is an act of terrorism which in either event has a material adverse impact on commerical aviation, there will be an immediate 5% pay defferal of base pay implemented for all employees for up to 18 months.
(Should this condition occur, the Company will meet and confer with the Union regarding implementation of the pay defferal.) The deferal will begin to be repaid starting in the first month following the end of the deferral and will continue to be repaid in as many monthly installments as were covered by the deferral.
In the event that US Airways Group reports a pretax profit with respect to any quarter during which the pay deferral is in effect, the deferrel will immediately stop and repayment will began in the next month and continue for the same number of months as were included in the deferrel.