Was CWA handed scraps or a whole can of 9 Lives?


Aug 20, 2002
[BR]8 pct paycut does not seem too bad to the ears, but I did some math of total monetary losses from this TA..not counting extra contributions to medical because they will vary from agt to agt, I calculated roughly 6000.00 annually in lost monetary value to the job for an almost topped out agent(19yrs)...(4wks vac,2wks hol)..[BR][BR]1-Salary wise, 8pct of approx 44,000 annual pay is a loss of about 3400.00 annually[BR][BR]2-Sick day reduction of 7 days is approx 1100.00[BR][BR]3-Loss of 2 holidays is approx 325.00.[BR][BR]4-loss of 1/4 vac/hol pay for 6 weeks total is approx 1200.00 .[BR][BR][BR][BR]Total lost is roughly 6000 pp annually.Again not counting excess med. contributions.And retro cuts to July 1 were absorbed into the deal. Am I missing any other monetary losses per agt here?[BR][BR][BR][BR]From this perspective, not too shabby???. But It's the future of hundreds if not thousands of rez and cs ato positions I am concerned about. In rez I see m-a-s-s-ive* layoffs, only to be hired back as 13 an hour techies within 2 years.Atos, we are already seeing some positions re-cla-s-s-ified* into express or MIDATL with lower payscales. So, These are the scraps of which I speak, and not certain if the future does hold any hope for second or 3rd lives, let alone nine.*(geez turn down the censorhip already. Re: a-s-s)[BR][BR]Should I/we vote in the short term.. or long term, or is it catch and catch can either way?
Does anybody have any idea how this *future possible senerio* would play out. A rep is furloughed from reservations and on the recall list. If a USAirways.com techie job is created (at lower wages) and then offered to said furloughed employee...then what if any option does that furloughee have to accept/decline the techie job in hopes or favor of maintaining res status?
[P]what if? what if?? what if? You guys are just about to what if yourselves to death. The truth and reality of the situation is this: the company cannot pay you the wages you had before, and even if they could come close, the debt holders, i.e. Texas Pacific group, and any others with any financial acumen, would back off lending U money, realizing that U and its leadership were no longer a good credit risk. We did not directly cause U to be in the shape it is in, but indirectly we are the cause for it to remain in the pathetic shape it is in. Costs have to be cut, and fairly. If everyone is to participate equally, the everyone will be rewarded equally. Doing this voluntarily, will bode much better than having a judge determine what your fate will be. Unlike previous U management, this management team apparently has earned the respect and certainly has proven, they have the ear of the powers to be in this bankruptcy proceeding. Don't kid yourselves that a judge will look favorably on any holdouts. [/P]
[P]It is time to move foward, folks, and for goodness sakes, stop looking to the past! Learn from the past, but don't doom us all to relive it.[/P]
In my case because both me and my wife work in Chairmans Res the effect is two-fold on the family...I give the CWA credit for some things in the contract that everybody hasn't seen yet...But they didn't lie when they said it would be ugly...The sick day's are obscene...We stand to have a family income loss w bennies of 9000 a year...Ouch!!! But thats the devil we know...If the judge dumps our old contract by us voting no than the company first proposal could be accepted by the judge...Thats 17.88 an hour for pay and had full retro pay back to Jul 1st...thats $4hr x 400 hrs each since Jul 1 $3200 total payroll reduction...That's more than we could handle with the reduced pay as well...We'll have to vote yes to circumvent that...But everybody should vote their heart,thats what voting is for...