We have lost a great one.


Aug 19, 2002
Friends, As some may know....and others may not know? Monday November 18th , The USAirways family lost a great and well thought of member. RDU Lead Mechanic Todd Keelon died while on duty monday afternoon. Todd was returning to the line maintenance office in RDU where he collapsed and died. He was found by his co-workers , whom made every attempt to revive him with CPR. Todd was laid to rest today.
Todd and his spirited efforts will be greatly missed by the USAirways family!....I''m thankful for the chance to have known him...and worked with him on many sticky issues over the course of the last 3 years. Many times , the selfless efforts on the part of Todd Keelon , was the deciding factor on operations moving forward in both RDU....and countless other bases. He was a person beyond compare....and exactly the right kind of task oriented person for his job.
Todd Keelon was 40 years old...and a resident of High Point N.C. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. Mr Keelon was also a member of the IAM''s Flight Safety Committee.
My best wishes go out to the Keelon family.....and the good folks in RDU. Your loss is felt and shared by many.
[BR][BR]Todd at the last flight safety conference in CLT last August[BR][BR]
[P align=center][i][b][FONT size=4]On Monday, Nov. 18, Todd Keelon, a mechanic for USAirways in RDU and a member of DIstrict 141-M Flight Safety committee passed away at work. He was 40 yr. old, and was survived by his wife Kim and [/FONT][/b][/i][FONT size=2] [/FONT][i][b][FONT size=4]daughters Brittany and Ashley. Below is the schedule for the arrangements:[/FONT][/b][/i][/P][/DIV]
[P align=center][i][b][FONT size=4]Viewing Thursday, Nov. 21 from 7 - 8:30 pm at Cumby Family Funeral Home, 1015 Eastchester Dr., High Point, NC 27262. Phone (336) 889-5045. Memorial service will be held Friday, Nov. 22 at 11am at the Colfax Baptist Church, Hwy 421, Colfax, NC.[/FONT][/b][/i][/P][/DIV]
[P align=center][i][b][FONT size=4]Todd's address is 4005 Whitetail Ct, High Point, NC 27265 if you wanted to send cards.[/FONT][/b][/i][/P][/DIV]
[P align=center][i][b][FONT size=4]Our thoughts and prayers are with Todd's family at this time.[/FONT][/b][/i][/P][/DIV]
So sorry to hear of the loss. There is never a good time for something like this, it just makes it worse during the holidays.

Do you know if the family needs anything? donations? If you do, can you personal message me with the information? Thanks.
Sincere condolences to his family and coworkers. Nobody expects a young man of 40 year old to die suddenly like that. One more reason to go home tonight and hug your wife and kids. You never know.