WestJet bans woman for life


Oct 29, 2003
WINNIPEG - A Newfoundlander who forced a Westjet plane to land in Winnipeg after attempting to open the emergency door and fighting with crew has been banned from the airline for life.

After the plane was safely brought down, Morton was arrested and charged with offences including endangering the safety of an aircraft, assault and mischief. The assault charges were stayed as part of her plea bargain.

She was sentenced Wednesday to 60 more days in jail in addition to the 37 she has served. She was also given three months of probation, during which time she will be banned from flying on any commercial airline without permission from a doctor.

Her sentence included $6,202 in restitution to Westjet -- the amount it cost the airline to conduct the emergency landing. Westjet has permanently banned Morton from flying on its planes.

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Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
Oh, if only we could see more of that in the US! Instead, here the flight attendant would get a negative performance letter in his/her file, and the crazy passenger would be awarded 50,000 frequent flyer miles.
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