WestJet's AMFA/Engineers reach a T/A with the company


Apr 26, 2005
With a large number of Engineers requesting a strike authorization vote, since as early as the beginning of April (2) as the company put out a notice indicating as such.
AMFA smartly decided to press on with nego without a strike vote until after month of April to see the companies promised movements towards an agreement by mid April. So with company positive movement towards an agreement AMFA was able to avoid a strike vote.
A surprise announcement by co to start a 72hr lock out notice to start as early as April 7th AMFA still did not take focus off of getting an agreement done. However the co is well aware of the majority that wants a strike vote by the Engineers/Mechanics.
Glad to see both sides working towards an agreement even with all the chatter talk about strike votes and lockouts, as both sides were able to get an agreement done prior to any strike vote or lockout dates as neither side would really want to do, as it woould just upset the customers and send them to other airlines and possibly a perm move.
New agreement will make them the highest paid in Canada's industry, another win-win for AMFA Mechanics/Engineers in Canada. Now we await the vote on the new T/A from the membership.
All the nego's can be followed on the AMFA National web sites by link below:

AMFA was certified at WestJet on March 30, 2023, and the Association currently represents approximately 670 aircraft maintenance engineers and skilled trade groups. AMFA will soon begin negotiating the group's first collective bargaining agreement.
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AMFA p*ssied out. This was their update from only about a month ago. I’ll bet any amount of money that what they were being offered then had no improvements to what they had shoved down their throats now.

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And as most of us already know, another new agreement on T/A @ WestJet was completed as well. Below is the 'road show" dates for the info meetings to discuss all the parameters of the new T/A.

May 17, 2024 - On May 5, 2024, AMFA and WestJet announced a Tentative Agreement (TA) on a new four-and-a-half-year agreement. The Committee has been working with the Company for the last two weeks to finalize the language. The full text of the TA will be emailed to each AMFA-WJA member in good standing (MIGS) for your review prior to scheduled station informational meetings.
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