What is Dave going to be on Thanksgiving Day?

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
After Dave''s skit of dressing up as Austin Powers on Halloween to boost employee morale what is his encore going to be for Thanksgiving?


Aug 20, 2002
He's going to dress up as a turkey and see to it that each employee gets their share of sausage stuffing.


Aug 20, 2002
Dave could dress as Two-Face from the old Batman comics. He'll walk up to you and flip a coin to decide the fate of your career.

Perhaps Dave could come to the party as Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Perhaps some of our many Vice Presidents could come as the ghost of US Airways past, present and future. (Well, the future one might be a stretch.) Closing a hangar two days before Thanksgiving and a month before Christmas is the essence of corporate coldness and indifference to your employees lives outside of the workplace.

I doubt we'll see Dave on Thanksgiving, he'll be having dinner with his family - enjoying the large salary we've endowed him with. Maybe he'll have the Wolf and Gangwal families over and they'll laugh about our plight. I'm sure the wine will be good, especially if Steve brings it. By this time next year, I'll probably be pushing a shopping cart, sipping my MD 20/20 out of a bag.