What will Happen when it Happens ?


Aug 29, 2002
I hear war drums on the near horizon , not management vs. IAM or CWU but the United States of America vs. Saddam Hussein . All the places I have read indicate Saddam has 30-40 nuclear devices , about half are "dirty bombs" and the other half are warheads that can be delivered via surface to surface missles or fighter bomber aircraft . It is believed Saddam''s missles only have a 700-900 mile range , many of these experts believe Saddam will want to go out in a "blaze of glory" when he realizes the end is near for him .

Many experts in this area believe the U.S. will invade Iraq sometime between 9-11 and election day , I agree . Even if all labor agreements are in place can USAirways survive when war breaks out.......can the airline industry survive as we now know it ? I don''t think anyone can argue that fuel prices will not skyrocket at least in the beginning of the campaign against Saddam and the economy will falter . Will this be what brings on the " end result will be 3 Majors(flag carriers) and 2 or 3 low cost no frill carriers " .


Aug 20, 2002
In general, there's no real consensus as to whether Iraq has any nuclear weapons. I tend to agree that a war is coming; as with the Gulf War, one can expect a tremendous fall-off in travel, due to public fear and the likelihood that war will depress demand for business travel. Jet fuel prices are likely to increase, perhaps significantly. Whether US can survive a conflict is an open question, but being in Chapter 11 probably helps matters, as the court can help the company manage its cash flow. Angering your loyal US1s, 2s and 3s, with recent changes to the frequent flyer program, however, diminishes the chances of US surviving...