What's Wrong With Usairways Baggage Problems


Nov 22, 2003
Well time time for someone to speak up about the baggage problem that U is
This past week in Phl our bookings were heavy, well that amounts to alot of bags being checked...We did have alot of bags checked and the lines at the counter were long even with the new rolling hub.......

for what I noticed the bag belts were always loaded with bags and the bag belt not
moving, why do you ask, you would automaticlly think its the bag room, but if you look deeper the bags are slow to make it to the bagroom for the ramp to remove
bags from belt, TSA cannot keep up with the load of bags we send thru, they do not have the personnel to handle it......there were lots of bags left behind
because they did not get cleared to foward to the flt.

So the baggage problem for U is not just the airline itself but most of the problems
come from TSA.....customers with missing bags TSA does not pay to have them delivered, U does. and when you add it all up...it comes over 5,000 dollars a day
their goes our profits....granted I'll give U some of the blame but TSA gets most it
too....................You don't hear anyone blaming TSA on the news....

Media needs to look behind the walls................... :down:
Sep 9, 2002
PineyBob said:
Thank you for your comments. TSA in PHL is an abortion. I can only speculate as to the percentage of baggage issues that are YSA versus US, but it is a major sore spot from the customer perspective

Please tell us what do you mean by that? How does the killing of a life compare to TSA in PHL?
Sep 9, 2002
PineyBob said:
Maybe because I am a Libertarian and we are Pro-Choice on everything. The issue is TSA not abortion so pizz off.

It's just like you saying the company raped you. So  hello Mr Kettle, meet Mr Black.

What does pro-choice and Libertarian have to do with TSA compared to killing a life? You are the one that brought up abortion compared to TSA not me. So answer the question if you can.

Can you point me to where I said I was raped by company? When I never said I worked there and can't recall using that word. By the way I forgot and left off lying on your list of great character traits. I will fix it. No I will not pizz off whatever that is.


Aug 20, 2002
PineyBob said:
Thank you for your comments. TSA in PHL is an ****** I can only speculate as to the percentage of baggage issues that are TSA versus US, but it is a major sore spot from the customer perspective

But it's no good US Airways (or anyone else) blaming someone else (whether its the TSA, Philly cleaning the terminal etc etc), because, at the end of the day, it's US Airways's customers that have a bad experience and will tend to book awy next time as a result. I know all airlines to greater or lesser degrees have problems dealing with the TSA. Ultimately, those that are more effective at working with all their vendors/suppliers, and are more successfully at working with (or around) the TSA will be more successful.

Just as it's dumb to schedule an airport for more capacity than the runway configuration can handle, isn't it dumb to schedule an airport for more than the baggage system / TSA / other limiting factor can handle? Airlines have to own the fact that whether its them, a partner, a supplier, a goverment agency, or a random bloke on the street impacting their customers' experience, it is still THEIR customer, and they will suffer the results if the customer's experience is below expectations.
Sep 9, 2002
madders said:
I am going on limb and assume that piney did nopt mean abortion but meant that word that spells almost the same way that means happens rarely
Piney says
"Maybe because I am a Libertarian and we are Pro-Choice on everything."

No he meant it. Pro-choice everything says it all. Everything means everything. It means above law too. Nothing you can't do.
Aug 30, 2002
The baggage problems have been in PHL since the buildup by W and G.
Al and Donna would love to have you blame the TSA. Maybe blame the Flt. Attndts too, while you are at it.


Aug 19, 2002
PineyBob said:
That's why the point of the FFOCUS statement was that establishing blame is unimportant, fixing the problems are.

Unless of course you are always the one being blamed for things that are out of your control. I know a lot of people on here (even employees) who were ragging on certain people about not doing their job over the holidays. Where are they now ragging on management for not taking things seriously. I mean if a measely agent on the front line can look at things and say, this isnt going to work, why cant those in higher places see it?
I also agree that fixing the problems are of the utmost importance, but who has the ability to do that now? The agent cant authorize more help (even local management cant do this). I was talking to a manager from a city other than where I work about the way things were running. They said they were having a meeting with the regional to go over the numbers for the last year and why they were so bad. The manager said they were thinking of things to say to him like "they are so bad because you dont give us the staffing or equipment we need to do the job", but they had second thoughts about saying that. I guess they were too scared to rock the boat. When you cant tell your boss for whatever reason that things arent working with what you've been given because "it should work like it does on paper", then theres little hope for change. Until CCY and those with the ability to authorize things to change actually do something, those of us on the front line and those who choose to fly us will get the "benefits" of managements knowledge.


Aug 20, 2002
The passengers don't have a clue about TSA. They give a US Airways person their bag and they file the lost claim with a US Airways person. Most Preferred are aware of this but it should still be unacceptable to the American consumer. TSA needs to have a job fair.


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003
Get over and get off the people calling in sick, it has been proven that US lied about the sick calls, go read the full DOT report, it is all in there.

The IG clearly blaims management 100%, not labor and not the people that called in sick.

I for one and sick and tired of a non-employee telling the employees and blaming them for the meltdown when it is clearly all on management's backs.
Sep 9, 2002
700UW said:
Get over and get off the people calling in sick,

Its funny he tells everyone else to get over this and move on for it is a golden opportunity for change yet he continues to lay his own blame and continues degrading and calling nanes.


Aug 20, 2002
PineyBob said:
700UW when you have 22% of the workforce from a specific group call in sick that's 18% TO MANY! PERIOD. I'll absolve the work groups on a great many things but that will NEVER be one of them.

Compare the sick rate to the crime rate of a major city. Just because the murder rate for one year to the next is the same doesn't mean that's it's either good or acceptable.

Would everone who was scheduled showing up have prevented the "Meltdown"? Frankly I have my doubts but the DOT report and the graphs theirin clearly show that excess or above nornal number of sick calls contributed to the situation. I'll refer you to figure 3 on page 11 which paints a pretty clear picture, actually several pictures.

Picture one is that to many called off sick

Picture two is that senior management didn't sufficiently plan for the excess sick calls

Picture three is that IMO no one gave a damn about the customers traveling.

The fact of the matter is that in the non union side of the world is that as a manager if I tolerated a sick rate of 22% in my workgroup I'd be gone for not firing the people who habitually call in sick! You can place a great deal of blame at managements feet but you can't tell me that any sane person thinks a 22% sick call rate is permissable or acceptable. Like another poster says, It's never acceptable but it is understandable.

you want absolution? Call a priest! Bottom line to many people called in sick regardless of the year over year stats.

You want to debate the reasons why? If we do it would be a short debate because I think you & I would surprisingly agree.

I'm finding it increasing interesting why you care so damn much about the number of people that called off. USAirways is not your employer. You are not a manager for this airline. Why do you continue to berate and debate the employees over this issue. It's time to move on. The DOT published their findings. Placed blame accordingly and it's up to the management to acknowldge this or continue to ignore it. It's not your place or FFOCUS to keep rehashing an issue that is solely a company problem.

Do you plan on continuing this until Christmas of this year? Please let us know now. That way all those US employees can make sure that no one calls off just to keep you happy and your mouth shut on here.

I would be curious how many people call off in your company given any holiday or necessary work period. Care to post the stats on that? Then the employees of US can start to demand an apology from you and your company about poor service they received.

Give it a rest already.


Aug 20, 2002
PineyBob said:
BITE ME ALREADY. Our year over year sick rate is well under 3% and that INCLUDES FMLA. I know because I asked! Knowing in advance that someone would ask.

But the area for US Management to consider is quite different. US needs to ask itself WHY? Management is responsible for setting the tone and expectations for employees. Given the 22% figure one must raise questions of Management as to how/why they created the conditions that led to the 22% rate in the first place.

Management and Labor have not to my mind been absolved of blame and if it takes to next Christmas for the parties involved to sit dawn and work out the differences and change the attitudes that allow this to happen I will be on here harranging this issue.
UVN, your thoughts?