Where are the 767's on the schedules?


Aug 20, 2002
With the new schedules, I can only account for 8 767''s. Figure a spare or two. But I thought US has 11 of them. Are they really preparing a few for return?
I randomly picked 1/19/03 as a day out in the future that may or may not be representive of a winter schedule.
You figure at 3am EST(midnight PST, 9am CET), there are aircraft in the following places ready for departures within the next several hours:
FRA (to CLT)
LGW (to PIT)
PHL (to SJU and CLT)
LAX (to PIT)
That''s 8 birds. What am I missing?
Removed are the LGW-PHL and CDG-PIT seasonal routes. That would be 10. Are they somewhere else on the schedule, being used for spares, chartered, etc.?
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Lakeguy wrote:
you have forgotten


PHL responds:
NAS is served with a 757
phl-mco is losing 767 service
phl-lax is losing 767 service
fra-clt is covered in my list already

clt-lax-pit, are operated with equipment covered in the initial numbers I gave above. Probably the CLT-FRA bird, or a spare in the wings.

clt-phl, due to it's late time, is likely a spare or repositioner for the morning flights out of PHL(SJU and return to CLT).

So, I think we're still at 8 physical 767's accounted for. Maybe a 9th with the CLT-PHL segments.

It's easier to account for them when there's a time that they're all on the ground, which is sometime around 3am EST. That's what my original list aimed to do. Where are the other 3?
[P]you have forgotten [/P]
[P] [/P]
[P]Plus the 767s will be cycling threw for their annual C Checks so that is one down for maintenance and also the cockpit door mods.[/P]
[P] [/P]
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On 10/11/2002 11:32:48 AM Lakeguy67 wrote:

phl -nas is served by a 767, becuase it goes, phl-nas-clt
My original post was looking to January when the new skeds are in place. PHL-NAS downgrades to a 757 on 11/3.

But, thanks for the heads up on that because CLT-NAS-CLT remains a 767. So that's 9 accounted for.
One of these (LGW-PIT?) is repositioned between PIT-PHL in the winter schedule. I've got PIT-PHL-LGW, and the PIT-PHL segment is on a 767, of all things.
As Lakeguy made mention of...You can just about bank on one of the B767's being in the CLT Hangar (Bay 3) at any given time for Scheduled Heavy Maintenance. Acft 645 is the current Bay 3 resident. You will also see an overlap of another aircraft being opened up for pre-induction to Heavy Maint. cleaning while the aircraft coming out of heavy gets within a day of being returned to line service. This of course is not always a constant fact...because the A330-300's use this same hangar bay for thier scheduled work too.
Also, the A330 fleet under goes C-Checks during the winter months. One A330 comes offline and a 767 runs that route.
[P][BR]Here are all the 767s routings effective Jan 3rd[BR][BR]CLT-FRA CLT-LAX CLT-SJU CLT-PHL CLT-NAS CLT-PIT PHL-CLT (2 TRIPS PER DAY)[BR][BR]PHL-PIT PHL-SJU PIT-PHL (2 TRIPS PER DAY) PHL-AMS PHL-MUC PHL-MAD[BR][BR]PIT-LGW FRA-CLT AMS-PHL MAD-PHL MUC-PHL PIT-CLT SJU-CLT[BR][BR]SJU-PHL LAX-PIT LGW-PIT NAS-CLT [BR][BR]One RON's in PHL for maintenance and one usually in CLT heavy for overhaul, and when the 330s go in for overhaul the 767 takes its place.[/P]
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It looks like those routes are covered by 9 aircraft, leaving 2 for spare. That would make sense if these other 2 are swap-outs for maintenance on other 767's or replacing a 330 in CLT for heavy mainteance.