Who really is the minority?


Aug 20, 2002
On 2/3/2003 9:25:13 AM Buck wrote:
On the subject of Mechanic and Related as the minority
TWU group at AA:
Both Bob.
You know that exactly. I have agreed with you on the members of Local 514 passing contracts on the I got mine brother concept. Fleet Service is the System majority. If they wanted to defeat a contract vote they have the power. Local 514 does not have this alone. You act as if no line mechanics especially those under your watchful eye voted for the 95 contract or even the 83.
How much does FS outnumber Maint systemwide?
Actually, Fleet Service does not outnumber maintenance at all. The following information is taken directly from the NMB decicision on single carrier status for AA/TWA:
TWU is the certified collective bargaining representative for the following crafts or classes at American: Airline Mechanics. Ground Service, Plant Maintenance and Fleet Service Personnel, NMB Case No- R- 1640 (1946); and Stock and Stores Employees. NMB Case No. R-1447 (1945).
The IAM is the certified collective bargaining representative of the following crafts or classes at TWA, Inc.: Mechanics and Related (including Fleet Service Employees). NMB Case No. R1471 (1945); and Stock Clerks, NMB Case No. R-1606 (1946).
The employees covered by this application are:
American TWA-LLC
Mechanics and Related 13,337 3,292 (16,629)
Fleet Service 13,206 3,082 (16,288)
Stores 1,382 316 (1698)
So Mechanic and Related is the LARGEST single group at AA represented by the TWU.
16,629 M&R is a pretty large minority.


Aug 20, 2002
Thanks for the correction. But the fact still remains that on a vote for any major reason union politics will come into play. 600 or so is not very many when the chads are counted.