Will Delta and EasyJet Team up for Purchase?


Oct 23, 2010
Delta Seeks EasyJet Partnership for Alitalia Stake: Corriere

Pretty smart. They will more than likely get the first choice in some pieces if the Italian Airline doesn't make it. And if they make it through, Delta will make a good profit for assisting and move on.
I always hoped Southwest would have done the same with Frontier. There were early on rumblings about Southwest doing it with Frontier but never came to be.
Wonder how much Delta will invest. Interesting though...
Evidently, Delta doesn't believe in history. Every time Alitalia is about to go under, the Italian Parliament steps up and does what they said last time they would never do again--bail out Alitalia financially to keep it from going out of business. When push comes to shove Italy does not want to be the only Western Europe country without a flag airline. (Ok, there are a couple of other countries, but they are all small.) It's why the pilots and flight attendants at Alitalia go on strike at the drop of a hat.. They don't believe that they are doing any long term damage to the airline. Also, they don't see why they can't make the same pay as their counterparts at BA and Lufthansa. The fact that Alitalia bleeds money "isn't their fault." Though, unless things have changed drastically, the last time I flew Alitalia the flight attendants hardly got off their jumpseats on a flight from Rome to Newark. And, they were downright surly when they did answer a call light.

I don't know what, if anything, of value that Delta might pick up at the yard sale if Alitalia was allowed to go under. I may be wrong, but I think EU regulations would prevent DL from picking up any intra-European routes--such as, FCO (Rome) to CDG (Paris).
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