Will PBI go the way of the Dodo?

Aug 19, 2002
This has to be the biggest rumor still running thoughout the system....will Southwest still serve West Palm next year. The rumor is that we will be dropping service to PBI with the next big schedule change next year..due to falling passenger demand and the flights will be rerouted to FLL. Personally I think this is true...the loads are never above 50-60 passengers per flight..and I heard that we only make money on the AM flight to Baltimore. I guess West Palm Beach will be joining San Francisco,Denver,and Beaumont/Pt. Arthur on the list of We Tried


Aug 20, 2002
In today's light, I guess anything is possible. I would hope PBI would be given more time, but SWA is fighting like every airline and I am sure that if PBI is losing money for the whole, then it may have to go away for awhile.