WN pilots expected to increase "ask" based on DALPA TA


Corn Field
Dec 5, 2003

SWAPA (pilots union) leadership sees its members as ~12% underpaid relative to current Delta/American Airlines (AAL) contracts, and ~20% underpaid relative to tentative agreement (TA) with Delta pilots that (if ratified) would raise base wage rates but scale back profit-sharing. SWAPA leadership sees a 15% base wage increase with modestly higher profit-sharing as minimum to get a deal done, and believes managements expectation for an overall cost-neutral labor deal is unrealistic. Remuneration appears to be only major sticking point with work-rules and growth appearing to be of secondary concern.
The article claims that to be bad news for SWAPA.
I think it is good news for them to have a new target to shoot for.

I believe it is bad news for all non-pilot employees at Delta.

They take $600,000,000 from all employees to pay for pilot raises.

Way to screw over your employees Delta.

This higher cost should be offset by a change in profit sharing starting in 2016. We believe the threshold for when the profit sharing rate rises from 10% to 20% will be increased from $2.5 billion to $6.5 billion of pretax income (prior to profit sharing expense). Based on our 2016 earnings forecast adjusted for higher pilot costs and an assumed 3% wage increase for non-pilot employees, the change should result in ~$600 million in lower profit sharing expense.
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how original.

You use the same unproven dirt that DL will take from its non-contract employees to pay for the pilot raises.

in fact, the article says it is bad for WN because WN in the first time in years now has to match the pay raises of a LEGACY carrier or have a very unhappy pilot group. and what it has to do for its other workgroups.

it IS bad news for WN, the company who have watched their non-pilot people grow increasingly unhappy with the huge pay raises that DL's non-contract people in the same workgroups are getting.

Your attempts at trying to argue that DL non-contract the ones that are being hurt show the spreading desperation of union leaders across the industry that are watching DL lift the fortunes of its people across the board.
I don't know what you are babbling about, I am just commenting on the article YOU posted.

You don't believe half of the facts in your own posted article.

I just don't agree with the opinion of the title.

It is no wonder you only posted half the article.
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you can post as much of the article as you want.

WN the company is the one that will have to shell out a whole lot more money because of DL's pilot agreement that will lift the salaries of its non-contract personnel.
WorldTraveler said:
you can post as much of the article as you want.WN the company is the one that will have to shell out a whole lot more money because of DL's pilot agreement that will lift the salaries of its non-contract personnel.

I hate to break it to you, but WN doesn't pay Deltas employees.
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you can post all the articles you want.

DL pilot compensation will go up if they agree to their contract which will shift more compensation to their regularly paychecks and less in profit sharing.

DL's profit sharing percentage for pilot and non-pilot personnel will likely continue to outperform WN's.

And DL pilot salaries will outstrip WN's

and WN will have to shell out more for salaries for ALL personnel who are watching their salaries slip relative to DL employees.
Let me see if I got this,

WN gives it's employees raises and it is bad for WN.

Delta gives it's employees raises and it's bad for WN.

OK, I got it now.

Are you sure you don't have brain damage?
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nope. it is not bad that it costs WN money.

It just costs them money that WN apparently doesn't want to pay.

If it did, it would be signing new contracts and forking over the dough.

They are not.

They will be or will have more and more unhappy campers.
Apparently Delta doesn't want to more money either.
Or they wouldn't have taken money from all employees to shift over to pay pilots.
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WN hasn't and won't take money from any group to fund raises at any other.

Such a statement is the fruit of losing union leaders who can't admit that DL people don't want more unions and WN employees who realize that DL's strategy is to put the screws on WN at the time when WN is dragging its feet to try to avoid paying more.

WN has a choice. they can shell out more money or face increasing labor unrest.

being paid top of the industry has now created expectations among WN employees that WN can't meet and maintain its present financial situation.

Methinks DL is enjoying all the ways it can put the screws on WN.
Me thinks Delta employees know very well that Delta screwed them out of a hell of a lot of profit sharing money for the rest of their careers by changing the profit sharing formula.

Me knows Delta employees are none to happy about it after Delta put the screw job on them.
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You dream but you have no proof of anything you say.

DL called the 2012 pilot contract cost neutral and the pilots know it.

The only screw job that has been put on the industry has been every unionized carrier that has managed to make sure its own employees aren't doing as well as DL's.

And, you know what? That is exactly what AA/US, WN, and UA want to see.... weak, ineffective unions.

If you believe otherwise, you are even more naïve than even I imagined.