Yes the Democrats and Republicans can agree on things.



Oct 20, 2007
Can’t understand why China is still considered a developing Nation when it’s almost impossible to buy anything not “Made in China”

La Li Lu Le Lo

May 29, 2010
There should never be any argument about keeping the very substance that gives all living things in this Planet life as clean as possible.

Always disagreed with Republicans on this one.

Senate votes to roll back Biden administration clean water rule|
I agree.

The problem from my perspective is the government makes redundant laws, regulations, and organizations that should be covered by existing laws/regulations they refuse to enforce and government organizations they refuse to support.

Seems most of the time they do that for the sake of optics without actually DOING anything at all.

Our government has shown us by example time and time again that they only follow the laws they themselves make when it is convenient for them to do so at the time.

If this country gave a damn about providing clean and fresh water to the people they would press Saudi Arabia to share their desalinization technology, which I assure you is far beyond ours, to help states like California meet their water needs.