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Discussion in 'American Airlines' started by bigjets, Feb 4, 2015.

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    I flew from SEA to DFW, sat in coach, The FA's came through with drink cart at the beginning of flight and that was it, I don't think it would cost too much to do at least two drink services on long flights for coach pax.
    I flew in F/C from ORD to SJU, the FA's were very professional, but I think the service could be better if they didn't put your drink, salad, entree, rolls, and desert all on your trey at the same time, spacing it out like at a restaurant I think would be better, and I don't see how that would cost more money. Just a thought, a FA would know better then I what would and would not work. 
    From a maintenance stand point, I think a mech at every gate at departure would be a good idea, but I think the manning isn't there and I believe that would cost a lot of money. 
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    Just FYI, unless there is severe turbulence preventing same, the service standard is 2 beverage services if flying time is 3 hours or more.  Note that is flying time, not gate to gate time.  If flying time is less than 3 hours, the plane is not catered with enough beverages to do 2 services.  That being said, I've heard more than one passenger complain more than once that only one service was done on an SEA-DFW flight.
    Putting everything on one tray is something of a "have-to" these days.  I fly #1 most of the time.  When the dessert is those "warmed onboard" cookies, there is nothing to serve them in; so, I put the cookie in the bowl with the doily, and put the roll directly on the tray the way we used to do it.  I am catered with bowls for the cookies--which are ice cold and usually soaking wet straight out of the catering department dishwasher.  And, they are catered in a plastic insert; so, there's not an oven rack to spare so that I could put them in the oven and warm and dry them.

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