Another Mass Murder

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    Shogun No Gun?

    Was previously 'involuntarily committed'.

    When guns are outlawed mass killings will go away......

    Man armed with knives attacks facility in Sagamihara, outside Tokyo, before telling police: ‘It is better that disabled people disappear’

    A man who claimed he wanted to kill disabled people left at least 19 dead and 26 others injured after a knife attack at a care facility in Japan.

    Petrified staff at the Tsukui Yamayuri En (Tsukui Lily Garden) facility in Sagamihara, south of Tokyo, called police at about 2.30am local time after the suspect, named as Satoshi Uematsu, launched his attack. It was the country’s worst mass killing in decades.

    Mass killing are relatively rare in Japan, considered one of the safest countries in the world, but it has experienced sporadic, and deadly, attacks.

    In 2001, eight children died and 19 other were injured when a man forced his way into a primary school and began a frenzied knife attack.

    In 2008, seven people were killed by a man who slammed a truck into a crowd of people in central Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics district and then stabbed passers-by.

    Fourteen people were injured in 2010 by an unemployed man who stabbed and assaulted bus passengers outside a railway station north-east of Tokyo.
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    Knives, cars, trucks, etc., the no-gun argument is getting old. It's obvious the left wants to take guns from honest citizens so that predators have free range. I mean they can track down legal gun owners, while Chicago that has the toughest gun laws is in a pickle!

    Now take Sweden that have tough gun laws. Unfortunately hand grenades are a different matter

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